What does short term accommodation mean?

  • What does short term accommodation mean?

              Short term accommodation represents renting a flat or an apartment for a short (1-90 days) or long (>90 days) period of time. All our apartments are fully furnished and equipped with everything you might need during your stay (air conditioner, TV, wireless internet access, washing machine, microwave oven, coffee filter, sandwich maker, toaster, iron, hairdryer etc.). Most often, people that request short term accommodation in Bucharest need apartments that are situated in central areas: Unirii Bulevard, Alba Iulia Square, Decebal Bulevard, Mihai Eminescu Bulevard (close to Mosilor), Magheru, Romana, Dorobanti etc.

  • For short-term/ long-term apartment rental, the VAT is only 9%. 

Every time you visit Bucharest, be it on vacation or a business trip, you can choose the comfort and conditions of a hotel but at a better price. 

Smart Accommodation - short term accommodation / long term accommodation is more than renting a flat or apartment, Smart accommodation means having the full support that you need during your stay in Bucharest.

In conclusion we consider that your every need will be fulfilled if you choose Smart Accommodation, the perfect choice if you need short term accommodation / long term accommodation in Bucharest.


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