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Smart Accommodation has been providing short term accommodation and long term accommodation in Bucharest for over 11 years. We strive to ensure that we offer the very best services on the market by supplying the highest level of comfort and security for every client. 
Smart Accommodation offers both short term accommodation and long term accommodation in Bucharest by supplying to the client a fully furnished and equipped apartment in the heart of Romania's capital - Bucharest. Besides providing the flat or the 2,3,4 room apartment, we also provide the associated services related to your needs:

  • 24/7 reception
  • 24/7 airport transfer
  • Catering / shopping
  • Rent a car/ bicycle
  • Fitness / Sauna / Pool / Massage

What are the benefits of choosing Smart Accommodation?

Smart Accommodation is a professional company that offers short term accommodation and long term accommodation in Bucharest. During our 11 years we have slowly put together a flexible negotiation system specially adapted for every client so that they will get the best accommodation in Bucharest at the right price. 

Choosing a short term accommodation over a hotel room has its advantages:

  1. price: for a small price and a VAT of only 9% you can benefit from the full comfort of a hotel room but with the advantage of having much more privacy and a much more friendly and welcoming environment
  2. flexibility: depending on every clients needs we identify the best accommodation possible (location, the number of rooms, utilities), what are the related services that are required (catering, shopping, rent-a-car, gym membership, sauna etc.) and at any time during his stay our client may ask for any change or improvement of his or hers accommodation services.
  3. negotiation: everything is negotiable because we first take into assessment our clients budget and needs; we offer a diverse range of accommodation possibilities in Bucharest from which our clients can pick the most advantageous option for you and then negotiate every other detail. 

When should I choose the accommodation services provided by Smart Accommodation in Bucharest?

Smart Accommodation is an experienced company, we have been providing cheap and luxury accommodation in Bucharest for over 11 years. In this time we have learned what are the most important needs of a client, that is why among other services, we also provide: 

  • 24/7 reception
  • Airport Transfer 24/7
  • 24/7 tourist guide